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Molecular, Structural and Chemical Biology


The team brings together scientists from diverse disciplines (chemistry, biology, biophysics) sharing a common molecular language. The projects carried out in the team aim at understanding fundamental molecular mechanisms underlying the activity and regulation of biomolecules. Fundamental advances in chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology are used to probe living systems at a molecular level and to exploit the results to design new strategies in human therapy and new tools for biology.

Team scientists operate the NMR and MS platforms of the CBM

Thematic groups

The team comprises 5 thematic groups:

• Synthetic Protein and Bioorthogonal Chemistry (V. Aucagne)

• RNA Remodeling Factors & Mechanisms (M. Boudvillain)

• Functional Mass Spectrometry in Metastasis (M. Cadene)

• DNA Repair : Structure, Function and dynamic (B. Castaing)

• NMR of Biomolecules (A. Delmas)

The team also includes a scientist (J.-M. Bonmatin) studying the impact of pesticides on biodiversity (more here).

Main techniques used

• Molecular biology; mutagenesis; Protein expression and purification; in vitro transcription; DNA and RNA purification
• Biochemistry; chemical and enzymatic probing; DNA and RNA footprinting; EMSA; transient and steady-state enzyme kinetics
• Mass Spectrometry
• X-ray crystallography ; DLS ; SAXS
• Liquid state NMR
• Solid phase peptide synthesis; chemical ligation; organic chemical synthesis
• Liquid chromatography (HPLC, FPLC)
• Computational techniques, numerical simulations

Main equipments

• NMR spectrometers 400, 600 and 700 (with cryoprobe) MHz
• Mass spectrometers MALDI-TOF ; ESI-Trap MS couplée à la nano-uHPLC ; UHR-Q-TOF with ETD module and UHR-Q-TOF with CID module (50% FR2708)
• Laminar flow sterile hood
• Crystallization Robot and X-ray generator.
• Inert gaz glove box for crystallogenesis
• Automated pipetting and liquid handling system
• Peptide synthesizer
• Molecular imagers (phosphorimaging ; fluorescence)
• Transient kinetics instruments (chemical quench flow; stopped flow)
• HPLC and FPLC systems
• PC Clusters for numerical simulations

Team members

AUCAGNE Vincent CNRS Researcher, Research program coordinator   @
CADENE Martine CNRS Senior researcher, Research program coordinator   @

BEAUFOUR Martine Lecturer, University of Orleans   @
BONMATIN Jean-Marc CNRS Researcher   @
BOUDVILLAIN Marc CNRS Senior researcher   @
CADENE Martine CNRS Senior researcher   @
CASTAING Bertrand CNRS Senior researcher   @
DELMAS Agnès CNRS Senior researcher   @
GARNIER Norbert Lecturer, University of Orleans   @
GUERIN Martine Lecturer, University of Orleans   @
JOUVENSAL Laurence Lecturer, University of Orleans   @
KEITA-PAQUET Françoise CNRS Researcher   @
LANDON Céline CNRS Researcher   @
LOTH Karine Lecturer, University of Orleans@
PILLER Véronique CNRS Researcher   @

Engineers and Techinicians
BERTRAND Marylène CNRS Research engineer   @
COBRET Laëtitia CNRS Engineer   @
COLAS Cyril CNRS Research engineer (50% FR2708)   @
COSTE Franck CNRS Research engineer   @
EVENO Eric CNRS Research engineer @
GABANT Guillaume CNRS Engineer   @
GAUDON Virginie CNRS Technician   @
GOFFINONT Stéphane CNRS Engineer   @
LELIEVRE Dominique CNRS Research engineer   @
MADINIER Jean-Baptiste CNRS Engineer @
MARCEAU Philippe CNRS Engineer @
MEUDAL Hervé CNRS Engineer  @
SCHWARTZ Annie CNRS Engineer   @

PhD Students
ABBOUD Skander @
CROS Julien @
SIMON Isabelle @

Contractual members
DELALEAU Mildred CNRS Research engineer (fixed term contract)  @
KERSAUDY Florian Engineer (fixed term contract) @

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