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Collet G., Lathion T., Besnard C., Piguet C. and Petoud S.

On-Demand Degradation of Metal-Organic Framework Based on Photocleavable Dianthracene-Based Ligand.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2018) 140 (34) 10820-10828.

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Abstract :

We have designed a rigid photocleavable dianthracene-based ligand that reacts with ytterbium as coordination metal ion for the creation of a class of tridimensional light-degradable metal-organic framework (MOF). We demonstrated that we can obtain a high level of control on the disassembly of the MOF formed with this ligand which can be triggered either through light irradiation or temperature increase. The reversible 4pi-4pi photodimerization is the intrinsic chemical mechanism ruling the ligand and MOF cleavage. In the fields of biology and medicine, MOFs have sparked a strong interest as highly porous vehicles for drug release but have only been explored so far through the passive leakage of their payloads. The designed light-degradable MOFs can potentially overcome this limitation and serve as prototypes for drug delivery and corresponding therapeutic applications.

Voir en ligne : doi : 10.1021/jacs.8b05047