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Douvali A., Tsipis A. C., Eliseeva S. V., Petoud S., Papaefstathiou G. S., Malliakas C. D., Papadas I., Armatas G. S., Margiolaki I., Kanatzidis M. G., Lazarides T., Manos M. J.

Turn-On Luminescence Sensing and Real-Time Detection of Traces of Water in Organic Solvents by a Flexible Metal-Organic Framework

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2015) 54 (5) 1651-1656 - doi : 10.1002/anie.201410612

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Abstract :

The development of efficient sensors for the determination of the water content in organic solvents is highly desirable for a number of chemical industries. Presented herein is a Mg2+ metal-organic framework (MOF), which exhibits the remarkable capability to rapidly detect traces of water (0.05-5 % v/v) in various organic solvents through an unusual turn-on luminescence sensing mechanism. The extraordinary sensitivity and fast response of this MOF for water, and its reusability make it one of the most powerful water sensors known.