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Aboshyan-Sorghoa, L., Cantuela, M., Petoud, S., Hauser, A. and Piguet, C.

19th International Symposium on the Photophysics and Photochemistry of Coordination Compounds Cover image Review Opticalsensitization and upconversion in discretepolynuclearchromium–lanthanidecomplexes

Coordination Chemistry Reviews 256 (15–16) 1644–1663

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Abstract :

Due to its extreme kinetic inertness, trivalent chromium, Cr(III), has been rarely combined with labile trivalent lanthanides, Ln(III), to give discrete self-assembled (supra)molecular polynuclear complexes. However, the plethora of accessible metal-centered excited states possessing variable lifetimes and emissive properties, combined with the design of efficient intramolecular Cr(III) ↔ Ln(III) energy transfer processes open attractive perspectives for programming directional light-conversion within these heterometallic molecules. Efforts made to address this exciting challenge for both light-sensitization and light-upconversion are discussed in this article.