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Villette, S ; Pigaglio-Deshayes, S ; Vever-Bizet, C ; Validire, P ; Bourg-Heckly, G

Ultraviolet-induced autofluorescence characterization of normal and tumoral esophageal epithelium cells with quantitation of NAD(P)H

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 5 (5) 483-492

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Abstract :

Cellular autofluorescence was characterized in normal human esophageal cells and in malignant esophageal epithelial cells. The study was performed under excitation at 351 nm where the cell fluorescence is mainly due to the reduced pyridine nucleotides (NAD(P) H) with a very small contribution from the oxidized flavins (FMN, FAD) or lipopigments. The autofluorescence emission of squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma on Barrett’s mucosa and normal cells was characterized by microspectrofluorimetry on monolayers and by spectrofluorimetry on cell suspensions. The relative contribution of each fluorophore to the fluorescence emission of the different cell types was evaluated by a curve-fitting analysis.