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Asseline, U

Developments and applications of fluorescent oligonucleotides

Current Organic Chemistry 10 (4) 491-518

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Abstract :

Fluorescent oligonucleotides (FONs) are used in a wide variety of areas such as molecular and mechanistics biological studies, molecular diagnostics, therapeutic development, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Ever since the post-genome era, there has been an ever-increasing demand for more rapid and accurate nucleic acid detection and quantification methods. Genetic information analyses require highly sensitive and specific detection of certain sequences, single nucleotide changes, specific structures and varied reactions in different formats in vitro, in living cells and, ultimately in animals and in human beings. Ideally, a unique event Could be detected and quantified using the genomic information without amplification of the nucleic acids to be analyzed. Recent developments enabling detection at the single-molecule (SM) level have opened new perspectives for applications.