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Privat, E ; Melvin, T ; Asseline, U ; Vigny, P

Oligonucleotide-conjugated thiazole orange probes as "light-up" probes for messenger ribonucleic acid molecules in living cells

Photochemistry and Photobiology 74 (4) 532-541

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Abstract :

"Light-up" probes, icosa-a -thymidylate-thiazole orange conjugates, for the in situ time-resolved detection of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) in living cells are evaluated. Upon annealing with polyA in aqueous, solutions, the icosa-a -thymidylate-thiazole orange conjugates were shown to be up to 15 times more fluorescent. Microinjection of these probes inta adherent fibroblasts, resulted in high yields of hybridization and fluorescent signals. Incubation of cells in the presence of these probes resulted in facile internalization of the probe and similar painting of the messenger RNA in the nuclear and cytosolic regions.